Born in Athens Greece, Martha Sakellariou received a BFA in Painting from the Athens School of Fine Arts and an MA in Fine Arts from the Royal College of Art London.

After graduating from the RCA in 1998 she lived in London working as a visual artist and art director until 2013 when she moved to California US. 

The word “ritual” would most accurately describe her creative process as a series of actions that involve experiencing, observing, analyzing and finally transforming her findings through a visual language. Inspired by human experience and personal reality, the dual existence of public-private, fictional-real, her work is inevitably focused on perceptions of space and themes around gender and identity.

Martha's work belongs to private and public collections. She has exhibited internationally and collaborated with other artists, designers and tech innovators to produce project-specific work. In 2002 she co founded Aylo an interdisciplinary art, design and technology platform for project based collaborations. Aylo projects ranged from developing creative sound devices for urban spaces, shelters for the homeless, interventions in public and private spaces.

In 2005 Martha joined the creative team of Friends of the Earth London as a visual artist and art director. She managed and directed a long term creative partnership and curatorial program that culminated in a series of art events and exhibitions with independent creatives and major cultural institutions such as the Whitechapel Gallery in London. The focus of those partnerships was to raise awareness on climate change campaign through art and culture.

She recently formed a collective in the Bay Area working with artists, designers and technologists on site-specific multidisciplinary projects.

Upcoming exhibitions: www.project2293.com